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I always meet brilliant people. And what strikes me: they under-estimate their own potential and make themselves smaller than they are. Entrepreneurs do not realize that their own uniqueness determines the uniqueness of their product. Professionals are captured in an organisational structure that too often limits them in the use of their utmost potential: their natural talent.

This is such a loss of the great resources that we can build on, whenever and wherever we are. Our talent is the most powerful resource that we have to realize our dreams and contribute to a better world. We may lose everything we have, our job, our business, our house, even country; your talent will always be with you!

During the 15 years that I lived and worked abroad I discovered that this applies to everyone in the world. All people in the world have a unique natural talent and I really wish that we could all work based on our talent.

I seriously mean everyone, from farmer, confection worker, director to president, and worldwide. We are all connected and dependent on each other. Through the internet, through nature, through the air that we breathe and the food we consume; e.g. we only enjoy chocolate and peanut butter because someone elsewhere has contributed to its production.

Working based on your talent means that you work based on your own genuine strength, your positive energy and your own abundance. This gives room for sharing, caring about other people and supporting them in the development of their talent. Talent gives hope and confidence. For the successful outcome of meaningful initiatives that are talent-driven.



I like to work in collaboration with other great professionals:


Nyota: Karen Kammeraat is the solid and dynamic partner in the Brilliant Entrepreneur program. She is the creative link between women entrepreneurs from all over the world. Driven by fair trade she is the founder of the FairShopping Foundation that guides consumers the way to sustainable products. See also

Voeten Communicatie: Annemieke Voeten is the enthusiastic and encouraging supporter in writing. Her editorial touch gives texts exactly the transparency that makes the reading so easy.


PA-i: Kim Suurmeijer and her virtual assistance team ensures that systems and communications run smoothly. Her finishing touch makes things look attractive.

Ai-1: Jacqueline Janssen is an artist, designer, teacher and scientist. She gives you the sharp image and the perspective needed. In no time she creates the colourful design that is exactly what you were looking for.

Jacqueline Janssen
Michel Amsterdam Autumn bijgesneden

Michel Marang  gives inspirational expression in vision and sound . As a professional clarinettist and photographer he moves his audience in the Netherlands and abroad.

Pulsar inspireert: Jan de Dreu is my wise teacher in the field of talent development. As a teacher at Pulsar Academy, he teaches professionals how to transform themselves into an instrument for change.

Jan de Dreu

IJsbreker producties: Godelieve Meeuwissen is a colleague in talent development. As an 'icebreaker' she opens doors that seem to be closed. She organizes "meetings that work";  energetic, cheerful, serious and passionate to get the best out of her participants.

I have got a colorful network of passionate professionals and entrepreneurs all over the world. They would be happy to share their experiences with you. Just contact me.

Yvette van Dok

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