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Brilliant Entrepreneur program

The ‘Brilliant Entrepreneur ' is our international program. It is a ground breaking program that enables women entrepreneurs worldwide to develop successful businesses.  We do talent-in-business projects SME entrepreneurs in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Their enterprises have already been functioning for several years, they have proved their viability on the national market, they employ a number of people and are connected to a network of providers.


The program revolves around the strengthening of innovative, sustainable, socially responsible and profitable enterprises. This starts with the talent of the woman entrepreneur and her motivation to take innovative steps, regionally or internationally.


So far we have done projects in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Jordan, Palestine and the Middle Eastern countries. We work with groups of up to 20 entrepreneurs. A project consists of training in the areas of talent and entrepreneurship, matchmaking, a trade mission to the Netherlands, and technical support for the realization of a project for business innovation.

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Holland kalenders breed

‘I wanted to learn how to focus and thanks to the Brilliant Entrepreneur programme I decided to reduce my product range. I always thought that the wider your range, the more attractive for customers. The opposite turned out to be true. I no longer offer products that are only sold a few times per month and increased the products that are popular. My turnover increased tremendously.’

Wine distributor Uganda

International step

You can easily get involved in the Brilliant Entrepreneur program. We have a wide network of entrepreneurs in other countries of the world. Do you wish to extend your own boundaries? This can happen through:

  • Cooperation with brilliant entrepreneurs
  • Investing in a brilliant entrepreneur
  • Mentoring one of the entrepreneurs
  • Attending talent-in-business meetings in the Netherlands during the trade missions
  • Subscribe to our monthly 'Brilliant Entrepreneur has news for you'

International talent project

You can also do a tailor made talent project that specifically focuses on an international step. This is a customized project which also gives you access to our international network. Read more about talent project or contact us.