Talent blog: Fuel your talent


Talent needs energy. Talent needs time for reflection and relaxation to be maintained and grow. This time should be a regular part of your life. But how do you know what the right fuel is for your talent?


Let me first clear up a couple of misunderstandings.


  1. I charge my batteries through my work. Wrong answer.

Work is definitely the perfect place to grow your talent. I wish that work would be a great source of inspiration and joy for everybody. But, work is about using your talent, about spending your energy, and not about refuelling. So however wonderful your work is, it's not the place to charge your own battery.


  1. I feed my talent in my private life. Wrong too.

A loving relationship with partners, children and other family members is certainly of great importance. This is the place where you can be who you are, with all your problems and ghosts. It can feel as comforting as a warm bath. Nevertheless, here too you need to adapt to the needs of others. It can therefore be unrealistic to expect your partner to charge your battery. This is a mission impossible for anyone. Even more so, expecting a loved one to charge your battery may put a strain on the relationship. Your energy must come from somewhere else.


Useless pleasure

Fortunately, there is option 3), and that is 'pleasure', preferably as ‘useless’ pleasure as possible. Charge your battery by doing things simply because you enjoy them. These could be jogging, dancing, painting monsters, cultivating cacti – anything that you enjoy. Anything that allows you to withdraw from the world and disappear into your own world. Anything that is disconnected from your work and private life. Anything where nobody else places demands on you. This is your place to relax, enjoy and recharge. This is the best fuel for your talent.


Unfortunately, time for useless pleasure is often hard to find. But a few hours dedicated to your own pleasure twice a week is not a luxury. Do you manage this in your daily life? What about during holidays?


Talent tips

Many of you might be looking forward to a holiday. A period in which to relax and enjoy yourself. But ask yourself the following questions.

  • Imagine your holiday. Imagine yourself on holiday – where are you, what are you doing, who are you with?
  • Is there enough space for pleasure? Your own pleasure. For doing things that you enjoy purely for you?
  • If not, then there is still time to act!


Enjoy your holidays!


Yvette van Dok

Co-Motion Consult