Talent blog: Give yourself a wish for 2017!


Good intentions? Help. Before the end of January, I have already forgotten what my intention was. Which is a pity, because, in every intention lurks a wish. And fulfilling your wish stimulates the growth of your talent.


The problem with good intentions is that for your wish to come true you need to change your behaviour. This is where it goes wrong. Why? You are just not able to persevere. You can make it easier for yourself. And at least as effective!


What to do? Define a question that is based on your wish about what you want to learn about it. A so called learning question. Complicated? Not at all! Last year I wished to have more self confidence. Translated into a learning question this became: "What does self confidence mean to me?"


Clear and ready

The answers to this question have clarified a lot to me. Confidence appears to be surprisingly different from what I thought. My new knowledge helps me now when I am stuck again in an attack of uncertainty.

A learning question helps you to focus on your wish. It teaches you what is important to you, and gives immediate input to the growth of your talent. It is an easy way of gaining a lot of wisdom.



Define in 4 steps your own learning question for 2017. This question meets the following criteria:

  1. It is an open question
  2. This question is about yourself (not about a desired change in another person)
  3. It is about one issue only (so you have to choose….)
  4. Your learning question has a positive connotation (avoid words like no, less, more, etc.)


Write your question where it reminds you on a daily basis. And then? Just be curious about the answers that will naturally drop from the sky during the coming year.


Give yourself in 2017 just your own wisdom gift!


Happy new year!

Yvette van Dok
Co-Motion Consult